Case Study Details

Portfolio Information

  • Project name :Wiring Network
  • Location :Chicago, IL
  • Complete date :20 December, 2019
  • Skills : Electrical knowledge, Communication, Problem-solving, Mechanical aptitude

Wiring Network

Additional details: My company is moving into a 4700 sq ft office and will support up to 35 employees, most working on cloud-based software and using IP-based phones. I’ve been told we will need Fiber to keep speed and bandwidth, but I need the wiring re-run and an overall assessment to get us up and running. Property type: Commercial Type of Work: Replace existing wiring Wiring type: Communications (telephone, cable, or internet) The customer did not require a Patch Panel Job Progress completed -5 Access Point Ubiquiti Installed -92 Connections Using Cat6 Connectors. -Cable Used: Cat6 -Total Feet Used: 8.000 Feet